Zenfolio launches new reimagined, future-forward platform in Australia – Australian Photography

4 May 2022

Zenfolio has just launched a revolutionary new platform in Australia that uses advanced technology to help photographers create a gorgeous gallery website to showcase, market and sell their work effortlessly.

Uniquely Australian photography deserves distinctively beautiful websites.  

East to West – from the stunning underwater seascapes of the Great Barrier Reef and Queensland, to the arts and urban cultures of Melbourne and Sydney, across the expansive Outback, to the parks and botanical gardens of Perth – the vast continent of Australia is overflowing with photogenic subjects.

Image: Zenfolio
Image: Zenfolio

The power of a gorgeous gallery website for Australian photographers to showcase their uniquely creative work is important for attracting new clients. Yet off-the-shelf site designs just don’t cut it for many photo professionals. They want designs, colors and fonts that help them project their exclusive style and present their work in the perfect light.

At the heart of the Zenfolio photography solution is an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive gallery website builder to showcase photos and videos and entice clients. In minutes, photographers can build a spectacular website using the latest trend design templates with color palettes and fonts that reflect their style. 

Upon booking, client galleries are automatically generated for the upcoming session, to enable easy sharing of images and client proofing after the shoot. Clients can order prints, downloads or photo gifts directly from the gallery.

Australia is a big place, but finding people is easy with Zenfolio.

Image: Zenfolio
Image: Zenfolio

As a photographer’s client reviews and proofs images in their private gallery, another integral piece of advanced Zenfolio technology makes photo selection easier. People Filter, which utilizes facial recognition software built on multiple layers of data protection and enhanced privacy settings, helps photographers and their clients search through hundreds of photos in seconds, streamlining the photo proofing and selection process. This is particularly helpful for wedding, sports and event photography.

Most of the technology advancements incorporated into the new Zenfolio platform were the result of acutely listening to photographers express their needs over the past 15 years. The new technology was built from the ground up with a multi-million dollar investment to create intelligent workflow automation that is offered to photographers at every career level in three feature-rich plans.

Image: Zenfolio
Image: Zenfolio

ProSuite, the most advanced plan on the market, is specifically geared to service the needs of professional photographers, while Portfolio and PortfolioPlus have been developed to cater to the needs of aspiring and part-time photographers. 

End-to-end e-commerce solutions for hands-off sales, processing & delivery.

When clients place print and photo gift orders, they are sent directly to the lab of the photographer’s choice. The newest Zenfolio partner lab in Australia is HC Pro, enabling auto-fulfillment of orders with processing, shipping and delivery of prints and products directly to clients without the photographer lifting a finger.

Zenfolio also offers self-fulfillment of orders from any lab a photographer prefers. This option is convenient for smaller, local labs where a photographer has a trusted relationship.

Image: Zenfolio
Image: Zenfolio

Photographers keep earning income…even in their sleep.

More helpful AI-powered features include BookMe automated scheduling and Client Campaigns that enable photographers to automatically reach out on a seasonal basis to remind clients about their beautiful images and suggest ordering holiday photo gifts. 

Now that Zenfolio is available in Australia to give photographers a sleek online gallery for showing their work, the integrated booking, real-time scheduling, invoicing, payment and automatic or self-fulfillment capabilities helps photographers shift from being creative with how they spend their time getting it all done…to spending time being more creative.

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