Hanging Rocks

Hanging Rock is a large spire of sandstone that has split from cliff face and hangs precariously towards the valley. 

Docklands from the air

Docklands became part of the City of Melbourne municipality in July 2007. The suburb’s 200 hectares of land and water are on Victoria Harbour, west of the city centre.

Visit Bare Island with us

In 1885 concerned British members of society thought an invasion by Russia was imminent. To ease their fears, they built Bare Island Fort to protect Botany Bay (then known as ‘Sydney’s back door’).

Aerial View of Bronte

The sand and rock-lined beach is set against a backdrop of steep cliffs, where multi-million dollar houses sit perched overlooking Bronte Park – a lovely 10ha valley covered with trees and expansive grasslands that sits behind the beach.