DJI Ban advances to the Senate, NDAA 25 narrowly passes

DJI Ban advances to the Senate, NDAA 25 narrowly passes

Well it’s off to the rodeo for DJI, this line that was included is the one that will interest folks most. Mandates the DoD to investigate Communist Chinese drone companies for inclusion on the Chinese Military Company list and places DJI on the FCC’s Covered List.

The NDAA passed today, 217-199

If it is rubber stamped by the Senate the FCC will be able to make full use of RID to track down transgressors and fine them I should imagine. A great revenue stream.

It is being reported in enthusiasts groups the the FCC cannot make any changes to issued approvals, in the case of the covered list they can.

I am far more afraid of radio regulators than aviation, worldwide. The have special powers, very special powers.

It’s a couple of hours until dawn on a new era in US drone proliferation.

Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-MO), Vice Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, today applauded House passage of the Servicemember Quality of Life Improvement and National Defense Authorization Act:

“Our world is in a dangerous place with China, Russia, and Iran, the new axis of evil, seeking to consolidate power and influence worldwide.  A strong national defense will deter authoritarians and help us fight back against these destabilizing regimes and for our fundamental freedoms.  Today’s NDAA bolsters our national security not just abroad, but here at home on our southern border as well.  This legislation gives our troops a pay raise to ensure they have the support they need while fighting to defend our nation.  The NDAA will provide increased Congressional oversight of the Department of Defense so we can ensure your tax dollars are spent efficiently and effectively.