blueflite and Sentient Blue collaborate to develop an advanced cargo UAS platform

Sentient Blue and blueflite have signed an MoU to develop cutting edge cargo UAS with improved capabilities when compared to what is possible with UAVs using lithium polymer battery power.

Sentient Blue’s patent-pending, proprietary hybrid microturbine power system technology will combine with blueflite’s advanced tiltrotor VTOL platform. Together, they create unique drone performance characteristics to provide an efficient platform for use in the logistics industry.

The companies are developing a UAS powered by a hybrid microturbine that simultaneously reduces time for delivery and operating costs while maximizing system availability and enhancing reliability.

Hybrid microturbine technology enables increased range and endurance and allows for a wider operating envelope leveraging off the chemistry of hydrocarbon and biofuel energy sources, which are 45 to 48 times more energy-dense than batteries. Possible applications range from the delivery of industrial spares to disaster recovery support missions. The companies are looking forward to joining forces and changing the future of logistics.

Sentient Blue: Developing advanced hybrid microturbine power systems for UAVs. Fly longer when you want. Fly farther if you need.

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blueflite: The company is designing and manufacturing cargo UAS to solve modern-day challenges in the logistics industry. Its unique and patent-pending tiltrotor platform features vectored thrust giving it unrivalled manoeuvrability and the ability to operate under challenging conditions.

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