Wingtra and DroneLogbook partner to offer companies a vital overview of drone fleets

Running a drone program is not just about flying drones and processing data, there are many other factors. These quickly become overwhelming to manage when companies fold more drones and pilots into their operations. That’s why Wingtra has optimized its data to work with the DroneLogbook drone management platform. DroneLogbook is a comprehensive suite that offers executives an intuitive view of compliance and custom reports; documentation, mission planning, drone inspections, personnel, and more.

“Wingtra has equipped many professionals across industries with a solution that provides them with large-scale mapping outputs and the means to tackle jobs competitively,” said Julian Surber, Product Manager at Wingtra. “Because of this, many customers are now investing in fleets of our drones, so we need to make sure they enjoy intuitive, professional operations that support their businesses. DroneLogbook has demonstrated it can do this.”

DroneLogbook runs on the Amazon cloud, so it’s built on known infrastructure and supports hundreds of large companies across multiple industries, including Swiss Federal Railways, numerous global mining energy, and civil engineering firms.

“Customers love our solution because it automates a lot of processes that can be time-consuming in the field,” said Yves Jusot, Managing Parter at DroneLogbook. “This key integration with Wingtra shortens the time required for compliance, increasing efficiency and reducing operations overhead to a minimum. This maximizes visibility across, and ROI coming back from drone data programs.”

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