What Can Truly Improve Your Photography – Fstoppers

Spend any amount of time looking up photography on the internet, and you will be bombarded from every direction by claims of how you can improve your work, a lot of them centered around gear. Really, though, if you want to improve, it comes down to how you approach your photos, and this insightful video discusses what you really need to make better images. 

Coming to you from Blake Rudis from f64 Academy, this great video discusses the importance of having a vision for your photos. This is something I think we overlook quite a bit (I know I am plenty guilty of that). We can often take competent photos that have plenty of potential to be edited into a compelling finished shot, but we might not know where that edit is going when we sit down at the computer. That is not to say there is something inherently wrong with improvising a bit, but if you listen to how a lot of the best photographers work, you will notice that they have the entire shot previsualized before they even pull their camera out of its bag, let alone before they start to edit it. Working on your artistic vision can help you form a stronger creative voice and create more purposeful shots. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Rudis. 


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