SKYTRAC and Embention Announce Partnership to Integrate First Autopilot System Supported by Iridium Certus

SKYTRAC, a leader in satellite communications (Satcom) and intelligent connectivity solutions, today announced a Letter of Intent with Embention, a global leader in autopilot components, to offer the first system supported by Iridium Certus for Command-and-Control (C2) capability within the unmanned segment of aviation.

The integration will commence with SKYTRAC’s broadband Integrated Mission System (IMS-350) and the midband Data Link System (DLS-100) as the first Iridium Certus terminals to be integrated with a UAV autopilot system, to send and receive data between ground control stations (GCS) and the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The integration effort will commence with Embention’s Veronte Autopilot 4x, a popular, high-reliability redundant control system for critical unmanned operations designed for avoiding single points of failure in a miniaturized form factor. The Veronte 4x Autopilot, compatible with multiple UAV configurations, is on schedule to be wholly integrated with SKYTRAC’s Iridium Certus terminals by mid-Q3 of 2021.

By utilizing the Iridium satellite network, SKYTRAC’s IMS-350 and DLS-100 with a low-latency communication link will enable Embention with real time C2 capabilities for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flight operations.

“We are seeing numerous operators seeking a viable autopilot solution that can leverage the Iridium NEXT constellation,” mentions Jeff Sherwood, Director of Business Development, SKYTRAC. “Many operators and systems integrators are unable to leverage Iridium Certus bandwidth to enable Command and Control capabilities. Our partnership with Embention will solve an unmet industry need in a rapidly-evolving UAV segment.”

“We are excited to partner with a world leader in satellite communications such as SKYTRAC,” mentions Javier Espuch, Business Development Manager of Embention. “This partnership will catalyze adoption of Iridium Certus by the UAV industry, and we are excited to be at the forefront of innovation, allowing operators to utilize Iridium Certus to enable Command and Control capabilities.”

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About SKYTRAC Systems Ltd.

SKYTRAC is aviation’s full-service, data-driven solutions provider serving the fixed-wing, rotorcraft, and unmanned aviation markets. Since 1986, SKYTRAC has pioneered the development, evolution and commercialization of flight following, flight data and communications technology. Today, with systems certified on over 900 airframes and an online data management portal that is the go-to tool for over 7,500 global users, SKYTRAC is truly the partner of choice for data-guided business insights. From performance trending and operations reporting to real-time asset tracking and situational awareness – SKYTRAC offers a one-stop response to meeting more of your company’s needs. For more information, visit

About Embention

Embention is positioned as a leading supplier of autopilots and critical components for drones and eVTOL, developing high-performance systems in compliance with aircraft certification standards. The Veronte Autopilot 4x is the first redundant autopilot for UAVs developed according to the DO178C and DO254 standard with DAL-B compliance. The Veronte Autopilot has been used in more than 500 UAV projects and has accumulated thousands of flight hours in various environments, compatible with any platform configuration. Embention, a company with over 60 employees, is a worldwide leader in the unmanned aircraft industry, applying state-of-the-art and military technologies in the drone sector in order to Enable Drones to Populate Our Skies. Please visit for more information.