New Parachute for New DJI M3DT Dock

New Parachute for New DJI M3DT Dock

AVSS – Aerial Vehicle Safety Solutions Inc. (AVSS) is pleased to announce the launch of the PRS-M3DT, a Parachute Recovery System for the DJI Dock 2. Compatible with the DJI M3DT and DJI M3D.

The DJI Dock 2 was announced today. AVSS is proud to be a part of the new product launch by DJI and AVSS is offering the PRS-M3DT for those end users who are flying over people.

The company is now accepting pre-orders with delivery to authorized resellers commencing in June 2024.

The PRS-M3DT is a simple plug-and-play design. The initial launch of the PRS-M3DT includes a Parachute Recovery System (PRS), a Flight Termination System (FTS), an Automatic Triggering System (ATS), a Manual Triggering Device (MTD), EASA 2512 and ASTM F3322 documentation.

Later this summer, AVSS will offer an EASA 2511 compliant PRS-M3DT with the EASA Enhanced Containment requirements, with the addition of the segregated FTS. With this additional hardware, the products are named PRS-M3DT and will comply with the segregated FTS requirements. In essence, Enhanced Containment requires a segregated Flight Termination System to prevent fly-aways. Per EASA, “Drones operating close to densely populated areas or airports are required to be equipped with systems preventing the drone from flying into an unauthorized area, unless the drone is already approved to operate in high-risk environments.”[1]

“2024 is going to be an exciting year for AVSS. With the launch of the PRS-M3DT, AVSS is demonstrating to end users and DJI dealers that AVSS is the preferred Parachute Recovery System option for DJI products.”, said Vice President of Operations, Mariah Murray. “We have already received several requests in North America and Europe for the PRS-M3DT. Announcing the PRS-M3DT along with DJI announcing the DJI M3DT and Dock 2 should provide relief to Authorized Dealers and end users who are eager to adopt this new Drone-in-a-Box solution.”

For more information about the PRS-M3DT, you can contact AVSS directly through their website at