Networx3 UAV has unveiled their super-drone the latest addition to its fleet.

SwellPro invented and designed the world’s only 100% waterproof drone and it’s SplashDrone 4 is a gamechanger for Networx3 UAV allowing it to take on jobs on or near water which would have been impossible up until now.

The all-weather flying and floating drone will now be deployed on jobs that were out of the question for other drones to do including work on rivers, canals and reservoirs, sewer systems, culverts and anything in typical British wet and windy weather.

Networx3 UAV managing director Ian Ashworth said: “The SplashDrone 4 massively expands the range of work we can do for clients – from flying in rain, hail and snow to surveying miles-long tunnel networks.

“This complements our existing fleet perfectly because this all-weather water-loving drone gets us into places out of reach for every other drone.

“We’re really pleased with it because it allows you to get up close and personal with something that could be full of water.

“It is a true gamechanger for our business, making us an industry leader in our capabilities.”

Networx3 UAV anticipate using the SplashDrone 4 to win more work with utility and water companies, hydroelectric power plants and organisations responsible for bodies of water.

It will also be used for Networx3 UAV’s regular client work surveying and inspecting wind turbines, power lines, highways, solar farms and roofing – but during bad weather.

The bright orange SplashDrone 4 comes with an adjustable flashlight and is capable of launching from, and landing on, water. When landing on a canal, river or lake it switches its propellers off and the engine turns it into a motorboat.

It comes with a powerful HD 4K camera to take photos and videos including underwater, a thermal imaging camera and night imaging.