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Much excitement has been generated in recent days by information suggesting that DJI is working towards the release of a Mini 3 UAV in coming weeks. Now the same leakers of photos and specs driving that rumor have provided images of what looks to be a foldable Matrice drone that – if produced – could either be a M400 RTK or M30.

Reliable online leakers of inside DJI dirt DealsDrone and OstiaLV have been the main suppliers of photos behind the online hypothesizing about the Matrice-esque drone featured in them – a craft being informally referred to as an M400 RTK or M30. The first images came on Twitter from @DealsDrone in a pair of tweets with eight different pics.

“A foldable M300 RTK?,” the first post asked, before a second speculated “May be it is M400, rumor said M400 will have automatic machine nest?”

A third featured an additional shot of a spindly-armed, boxy-bodied craft, with an accompanying shot of a remote.

“Rumor said it is M30, a foldable drone, and work(s) with DJI RC Plus,” the  text noted.

Igor Bogdanov, whose @Quadro_News feed is also a reliable source of drone news, responded to that tweet with a reply suggesting the drone shown was more probably a successor to DJI’s M300 RTK enterprise vehicle.

“It turns out that this is not a replacement for the DJI Matrix 300,” he said. “It will be aimed at public safety.”

March 16 Update

It now appears Bogdanov was correct – or so a DJI teaser uploaded hours after this original post went up suggests.

A tweet DJI published today announced a March 21, 9 AM EDT product launch event that, significantly, is being hosted by the company’s enterprise drone unit. Since that won’t involve a consumer UAV, the rollout will almost certainly introduce the speculatively-named M400 RTK or M30 craft. Given other information in the tweet, it probably won’t be either of those.

Featuring the headline “For Everyday Heroes,” the teaser appears to echo the information Bogdanov first supplied above – and which has since been repeated by other drone-watchers – that the new, foldable UAV seen in the wild has been developed with rescue workers and first responders in mind. Who knows what appellation DJI may use for the new craft, though DFG One (drones for good) might not be a bad idea.

The unveiling will be viewable on DJI’s site and on YouTube. Awaiting that next week, OsitaLV responded to the news with additional tidbits, noting, “Rumor says there’re two products incoming, the new foldable Matrice drone, and automatic drone nest compatible with this drone.”

We’ll soon see.

OsitaLV then stepped up with a quartet of photos from several sides, offering ample visual detail of the drone – as well as new possible names. “It’s M400RTK!” he tweeted. “Or, Mavic Enterprise Max.”

Earlier today, DealsDrone supplied an image of the craft in the wild, with the laconic note, “Big Mavic.”

What can be said about the new DJI M400 RTK / M30 / “Big Mavic” drone almost certainly under development?

For starters, it’s foldable and could be more compact and easy to transport than the M300 RTK and other enterprise Matrice craft – making it a an even bigger potential draw for business users. Dual battery ports are also visible in the rear of the UAV, as are a three-axis camera and thermal sensor mounted on the front. Rotors on the foward arms of the craft are in the usual, top-anchored position, while those behind face downward.

As for when the rumored new DJI professional drone may go to market, OstiaTV today suggested the wait may not be long.

“New DJI enterprise drone spotted in the field, this thing could be named Matrice 30,” today’s tweet said. “There’s another clue shows the new RC Plus will work with this thing and Inspire 3 in the future, both of them may arrive soon.”

If that’s correct – and roughly accompanied by production of the rumored Mini 3 – DJI might make this spring a blooming drone season for pro and consumer pilots alike.

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