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Perth based queer photography group Shutterpups have regular get togethers to take photographs, and Club President Chris Hill dropped by All Things Queer on RTRFM earlier this week.

Hill explained that the name for the group came from the fact cameras have shutters, and then someone added ‘pups’ on the end.

“We all liked it and it rolls off your tongue really well.” Hill said.

“A lot of photography clubs will have meetings and  you go out and take photos and then come in and join a competition, but we’re about going out taking the photos, joining as a group, meeting up each other and getting involved.

“At the end of each shoot we will say to everyone there ‘Show us your most interesting shots’, not necessarily your best shots, it’s a chance to get out with your camera, explore and challenge yourself a little bit.”

Hill also said the group also allowed everyone to share their expertise, because there are so many different types of photography and everyone has their own particular interest.

The group is welcoming of anyone who is LGBTIQA+ or an ally, and it doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have.

“We’ve had a few people come along and just have their iPhones,” Hill said. “iPhones take great photos, and you can look at your composition and challenge yourself with your equipment.”

This weekend the group celebrated their recent incorporation as a non-profit group, after many years as a popular Facebook group created by a group of friends.

The group has regular outings to a wide variety of locations to explore photography. One of their upcoming outings will be to Lake Monger.

“A photographic walk around Lake Monger, but as part of that I’m talking to some Aboriginal people about coming to join us and giving us the Aboriginal perspective on the the lake.” Hill said.

Hill said the best way to describe the people who came along to their events as “enthusiasts” explaining they range from people who are just starting out to some who were professional photographers.

Find out more about the Shutterpups at their new website. 

Back in 2019 OUTinPerth joined the Shutterpups for a photography walk around the city.

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