High school student wins international photography award – The Border Watch

AWARDED: Maggie said she naturally gravitated to the photography artform.

Elsie Adamo

GRANT High School student and budding photographer Maggie McKinnon won an international photography award last week.

Her photograph ‘feline’, won both First Place and People’s Choice in the Under 18 category at the 2021 Asia Pacific Photography Awards.

One winning photograph wasn’t enough, with Maggie receiving third place in the same category for her photo ‘flower’.

It is not about the awards for Maggie, who said she was more excited to receive feedback from the panel than win the big award.

“That is why I entered it, because there was really good feedback from the professionals in the field,” Maggie said.

“The feedback was mostly technical, how to edit and use technique, it was useful for me.

“I just like the artform, it is not about winning every time.”

Her winning photo was taken one afternoon in her own backyard.

“It was for a school project, our cat was just sitting next to our spa,” Maggie said.

“I thought it would make a good match for the competition, it is something a bit different, which is what everyone always looks out for.

“I submitted it, and did not expect to win it.

“The flower photograph was taken on Christmas day with a ring light a couple of years ago.”

Maggie said she is still finding her style, but especially enjoys portraits, people and nature photography.

“Anything with detail, I do not like landscapes at all as there is nothing moving, there is no expression,” she said.

“I have done a couple of paid photoshoots which I have enjoyed.

“If I pursue it, I would be interested in international photographic journalism.”

But you may not see her work entered in competitions anytime soon, as Maggie said she has no plans to submit any future photographs now she has won a regional, national and international award.

Maggie’s interests have also led her to interview and photograph over 40 prominent Mount Gambier individuals and compile their stories into a photobook.

“It was just people in the region who had stories, it was a lot of interviewing and journalism,” she said.

Maggie said local businesses have expressed interest in selling her photobook if she was to get them printed.

“I would like to continue on with it, but I just do not know how to go about it yet,” she said.