Flybotix Launches New Drone Inspection Software – heliguy™ – heliguy™ Insider

Flybotix launches ASIO Explore 2.0 drone inspection software.
  • Flybotix launches ASIO Explore 2.0 for the ASIO indoor inspection drone;
  • The drone inspection software features 3D map generation, POI localisation, video/3D map synchronisation and real temperature monitoring;
  • Measure distances and locate defects within confined spaces and GPS-denied environments;
  • heliguy™ has partnered with Flybotix to become UK supplier of the ASIO;
  • The ASIO is an industry-leading indoor-inspection drone, with visual and thermal cameras and more than 20 minutes of flight time.

Flybotix has released a new version of its inspection software for the ASIO drone.

ASIO Explore 2.0 features long-awaited features such as 3D map generation, as well as point of interest localisation, video and 3D map synchronisation, real temperature monitoring and customisable report generation.  

The software, which facilitates project-based inspection management, helps inspectors and pilots measure distances and locate defects within confined spaces and GPS-denied environments.

Drone specialist heliguy™ has partnered with Swiss technology firm Flybotix to become UK supplier of its industry-leading indoor-inspection drone.

ASIO Indoor Inspection Drone.

The ASIO is a revolutionary collision-proof aircraft engineered for efficient, safe and accurate data collection.

It can fly for more than 20 minutes – twice the flight time of similar drones on the market – and makes significantly less noise. ASIO has a dual camera system (4k visual and thermal) and is a more cost-effective solution compared to other confined space and internal inspection drones.

Protected by a lightweight cage, the drone allows customers to confidently inspect hazardous and difficult-to-access areas, typically in the infrastructure, energy, and oil and gas industries.

The ASIO is available to buy or rent from heliguy™.