DeFli Networks Inks Deal With Walmart for Hosted Stations

DeFli Networks ( the decentralized drone detection and UTM solutions network
have today announced a strategic partnership with Walmart in the US that will see Walmart
locations host a variety of DeFli hardware including:

DeFli Detection Devices
DeFli Charging and Docking Stations

The former will be used to increase the “UTM as a service” and “Drone Detection as a service”
networks offered by DeFli by virtue of massively increasing the network density across the United
States owing to Walmart’s physical footprint.

The latter will grow the manufacturer agnostic charging network offered by DeFli to their UTM
client base. This charging network enables operators in the UAS space to fly longer missions by
pre-booked charging mid-route as well as providing safe haven from inclement weather conditions

In return, Walmart will be able to access the DeFli UTM for free, perhaps signalling an entry in to
the “drone delivery” market whilst also taking advantage of the DeFli Drone Detection Network to
combat the growing threat to infrastructure owners from drones.

DeFli is a pioneer in building the infrastructure requirements to enable the mass roll-out of UAS
based serviced. This includes:

A dense network of ADSB receivers that negate Line of Sight issues
ADSC receivers ready for C-Band communication protocols

Traditional airspace integration technology including ADSB and ACARS overlay mapping

Manufacturer agnostic charging stations

The DeFli Drone Detection Network offers “drone detection as a service” and combines traditional
Rf frequency scanning (WiFi, LTE, Occusync, LoRa and SATCOM) with forward scatter analysis
powered by AI that identifies drone incursions through variations in the signal received from
satellites and LoRa base stations.

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