Can you spot ‘ET’ in this award-nominated photo? – 9News

PT Hirschfield shot this dragon from the back with its eye down at Flinders Pier in Victoria.

The eye was “not as a focal point revealed an angle of this bright beastie that’s rarely seen”.

“The egg closest to the top right hand side appears to have already hatched, with almost ninety other eggs nearing their hatching time,” Hirschfield said.

“I love the yellows, purples, blacks, whites and pinks of the subject against the backdrop blue of the water and green of the seagrass.

“I also like the way the ‘paddles’ on the dragon are outlined in black which is more obvious from this angle than when photographed from other angles.”

The shot captured the eye of the judges, which ultimately earned Hirschfield first place in the compact behaviour category.