A statement from Teledyne FLIR – ION M440

Teledyne FLIR’s primary UAS focus is on the development and sale of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for military, government, and public safety end-users, under the company’s Unmanned and Integrated Solutions business segment.

We’re excited about the ION M440 and its ability to provide elevated situational awareness to multiple customer markets globally.

There has been no change to the ION M440 product offering, and ION M440 remains part of the Blue sUAS program. We also have been evaluating opportunities in the commercial market through our Components business segment.

The email referenced was inaccurate and inadvertently sent to a small group of commercial distributors.

It in no way reflects or alters Teledyne FLIR’s commitment to providing the most advanced, rugged, and multi-mission drones for our military, government, industrial, and first-responder customers worldwide.