8 Tools to Help You Improve Your Photography Business – Fstoppers

If you want to be a successful photographer, it takes a lot more than being good with a camera and having creative ideas. All the most successful photographers are there because they understand how to run a proper business. If you are ready to revamp your approach in 2022, this awesome video will show you eight tools that will make you more efficient and productive and give you a better chance of finding success.

Coming to you from John Branch IV Photography, this great video will show you eight tools that will make you more productive on the business side of photography. While it still takes a lot of work to run a photography business, if you are not looking at all the ways you can automate your workflow, you are missing out. And, of course, remember that of all things, time is the only commodity that you can never get back. This includes automating common actions you perform in post-processing and business tasks. For example, one of the simplest things I ever did was buy time-tracking software. A $9 upfront investment has saved me countless time and headaches tracking and categorizing hours. Every little spot where you can save some time adds up in the end. Check out the video above for the full rundown.