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Each year, The “30 New + Emerging Photographers to Watch”—organized by Emerald (a parent company of Rangefinder)—recognizes up-and-coming photographers across a variety of photo genres. In doing so, the program also highlights what is happening in the world through the lens of budding photographers. Now in its 23rd year, The 30 this year not only recognizes 30 talented artists but highlights images of 2021, from Black Lives Matters to the pandemic from a perspective often not widely displayed by mainstream media.

This year’s list also includes photographers from a variety of demographic backgrounds shedding light on issues from an often unrecognized perspective. The newly-announced list both propels the recipients’ careers and inspires other photographers with admirable work.

Jon Henry was named one of The 30 Emerging Photographers to Watch 2022.
© Jon Henry

“These photographers, like all of us, are living in extraordinary times,” says Conor Risch, the senior director of digital strategy at Emerald. “We can see how significant social, political and natural forces such as the Black Lives Matter movement, the pandemic, the erosion of the middle class, climate change and the devolution of our political culture and so on, are evident in both the images they make and in their stories about their careers.”

More than 50 Industry leaders, including curators, editors, publishers and other creatives nominated over 330 up-and-coming photographers from 38 countries for this year’s list. The final 30 are chosen by a five-person jury. This year’s juror’s included the San Francisco Chronicle‘s director of Visuals Nicole Frugé, artist and publisher Kris Graves, and Meta and Pursuit creative director Toby Kaufmann.

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“The goal of The 30 is really to play some small role in encouraging these folks,” says Risch (who also served as a jurorm along with Emerald Photo Group design director Sharon Ber) “and also to give aspiring pros and others who love photography a window into how some very good photographers are doing it now.”

In that vein, we share some words of wisdom from a few of this year’s winners:

Erik Carter (@erik_carter) is a photographer whose intimate and thoughtful portraits stretch across editorial, commercial and fine-art. His words of advice for other photographers: “Do something that’s so important to you that even if no one saw it but you, you’d still have that feeling of joy and satisfaction. This industry will waste no time in reminding you that it’s a business, and it absolutely is, but make sure to remind yourself that it’s [also] an art form you love.”

Image of two men, one in profile by The 30 photographer © Erik Carter
© Erik Carter

With a degree in sociology, Mary Gelman (@mary.gelman) works on long-term documentary projects that focus on people and communities: “You’re always thinking about other people, what they feel, what they want, what’s comfortable for them. And that’s most important in my photography, communication.”

© Mary Gelman

Sage East’s (@sage.east) commercial and editorial work focuses on community and relationships: “Being a Black female photographer, I didn’t really see many other people like me in this industry and I knew it was really difficult to make an impact in it,. I’m really big on making opportunities for other models or stylists, or [other members of my] team, and giving them a platform to shine as well.”

© Sage East

India-based Spandita Malik (@spanditamalik) uses art to engage the viewer before exploring difficult topics in her documentary work, such as violence against women: “I thought it was interesting to engage the audience first, with aesthetic, and then talk about the real problems.”

© Spandita Malik

Below, the complete list of this year’s 30 New + Emerging Photographers to Watch, whose collective work spans several photo genres—from fine-art, editorial and commercial work to documentary and photojournalism. Head over to the30photographers.com to view images from each of The 30 honorees for 2022

Erik Carter

Gabriele Cecconi

Tag Christof

Sage East

Mary Gelman

Daniel Gonçalves

Eric Hart Jr.

Jon Henry

Sebastián Hidalgo

Alexis Hunley

Vikesh Kapoor

Kovi Konowiecki

Ksenia Kuleshova

Gabrielle Lurie

Spandita Malik

Xavier Scott Marshall

Ivan McClellan

Clara Mokri

Bethany Mollenkoff

Jackie Molloy

Rosem Morton

Callaghan O’Hare

Bettina Pittaluga

Irene Antonia Diane Reece

Josué Rivas

Amir Saadiq

Malike Sidibe

Jay Simple

Nico Therin

Alex Christopher Williams


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